Monday, January 26, 2015

Some of My Favorite Blogs

Hi all! Due to lots of snow where I live, I got done school at 11:15 and I have off tomorrow! Since I'm still working on another post right now, I decided that I would do just a quick shout out to some of my favorite blogs!

These are some of my favorite blogs that I read on a daily basis. They were what inspired me to created this blog! They are great and you should check them out!

I also wanted to add this, although my blog is going to be about all things from childhood, such as beloved toys (like Little People, Littlest Pet Shop, etc.), a lot of it will be doll-based and Disney-based. :)

But now, I'm going to share some of my favorite blogs with you! 
*Note: These are not in any specific order*

Doll Diaries
Doll Diaries is run by Char and her amazing team of bloggers. Together, they provide crafts, news, fun finds, giveaways, and more on a daily basis. If you've never visited Doll Diaries before, I encourage you to do so today! You won't be disappointed!

Living a Doll's Life
Rhonda is an awesome blogger who is constantly updating her blog with the newest information. She has many crafts, tutorials, and reviews as well! You can check Living a Doll's Life multiple times a day and almost always find a new and exciting post!

Never Grow Up Doll Guide
One thing that I really like about this blog is that Hannah (aka beastsbelle) reviews all type of toys, not just dolls! Her daughters' insights are always fun to read too. I also love hearing about all of her awesome thrift store finds!

Little House of American Girl
Jaclynn, the owner of this blog, is super nice and very creative and talented. She is also young too, so I feel that I can relate to her as well. She always posts fun photo stories, awesome reviews, and beautiful picture of her dolls. I would definitely check out her blog!

Little Miss Fluffet
Little Miss Fluffet is also run by Jaclynn, except this blog features more than American Girl dolls. She always posts about cute and adorable things that everyone adores! I'd definitely recommend checking this blog out too!

Thanks for reading everyone! I'd strongly encourage you to check out all of these blogs if you haven't yet. These are just some of my favorites, and there are many more great blogs out there too!

What are some of your favorite blogs?

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