Sunday, January 25, 2015

Shopkins Sunday

Have you ever heard of shopkins? Shopkins are cute little characters that represent many items that you would find at the supermarket. Some shopkins include fruits, vegetables, small appliances, baked goods and treats, cleaning supplies, shoes, and baby items, in addition the limited editions. Shopkins are produced by Moose Toys. Currently, there are 2 seasons of shopkins. *Note: All of the shopkins in my collection, and the ones I will be reviewing, are from Season 2*

Shopkins can be bought with play sets, sets of 5 and 10, or in these blind bags. Each blind bag has 2 shopkins in it, and it comes packaged in a cute little shopping basket. I received one basket for Christmas, and ended up buying 2 more at Five Below last weekend. (They retailed for about $3 a pack at Five Below.) Today I will be showing you one of my blind bags. I also have a 5 pack that I intend on reviewing, but mine came with a Ma Kettle with a big streak of paint missing from the side of her face, and I am still waiting to hear back from Moose Toys about that. 

We'll start by taking a look at the packaging of the blind bag:
(Oh, and sorry the sheet I used as my background is so wrinkled. I promise it has been ironed!)

Very cute, and as I mentioned earlier, they come in a cute little shopping basket. 
The ones from Season 2 are pink with purple handles. 

Side view- 2 shopkins are depicted here

Other side view- all of the safety concerns, due to the small size of shopkins

Another side of the basket (top I guess you could say?) 
Information on Moose Toys, the company that produces shopkins

Once you take off the plastic, you can move the handles. You can see how small the basket is compared to a human! I only needed one finger to lift is up! :D

The 2 shopkins in the basket- each one is sealed in its own yellow bag. I wonder which ones I got!!!

Here's a closeup of the basket detail...super cute and looks like an actual shopping basket. 
It also has the shopkins logo on it.

Who could be in there...

...why it's Olivia Oil and Heels!

Here's Heels. Isn't she a cutie? 
She is 2-115, and she is a common shopkin.

Next is Olivia Oil.
She is translucent pink and has sparkles! She is 2-081.
She is an ultra rare shopkin! 

Here's just a quick sample of the "Collector's Guide" that comes with the blind bag (and I believe other sets too). I think it's super cute that it looks like a shopping list!

I definitely will be buying more shopkins soon, and Moose Toys did a great job with them! They are super cute and I think that they can easily steal anyone's heart!

Just for fun, I decided I would share with you all some of the shopkins that I hope to find. :)


You can check out all of the shopkins for yourself HERE

Do you have any shopkins?

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