Saturday, January 10, 2015

My American Girl Wishlist

Good morning! I hope everyone has been having a great morning so far! Since I shared my opinions on American Girl's GOTY, I thought it would be fun if I shared my American Girl wishlist. I know that this list isn't exactly practical, and I know that I will not be getting everything from it either. I still just thought it would be fun for me to share my thoughts and what I would do if I had unlimited funds. ;)

I'll start with the dolls I really want:
Grace Thomas with her meet accessories
I really like her and can relate to her in a few ways. I've started saving up too, so hopefully I will be able to get her. :D

Josefina Montoya
I never really had any interest in Josefina, but I've really liked her since she got her new BeForever look! I really hope she won't be retiring anytime soon and I hope that I will have the chance to get her someday, but for no, I'm just waititng for the "right" time.
Samantha Parkington
I think that Samantha has always been one of the prettiest American Girls. I'm thrilled that they brought her back and I like her new collection a lot more. I'm not sure if I would prefer an older version of a newer version of her better, but she is gorgeous no matter what!
Saige Copeland
I definitely regret not getting Saige last year, so I hope that I might be able to score her at a good price someday. I think that her hair and eye combination is beautiful.
Brunette Bitty Twins
Ugh!!!! I love Bitty Twins!!! Their cuteness just melts my heart!! 

African American Bitty Boy
I already have the girl, so I'd really to get the boy someday too. I just love his little curls!

I think most of the dolls by American Girl are very pretty, but these are just the ones who I like the most. I like a few of the My American Girls too, like #4, #21, #24, #44, #49, #56, #57, #60, and #61. Of course I know that I won't be getting them all, but they are just some of my favorites.

Now, onto the clothing on my wishlist:

Grace's Baking Outfit
Grace's City Outfit

Grace's Opening-Night Outfit

Grace's Travel Coat

Grace's Pajamas

I really like all of Grace's outfits. I plan on asking for a few for my birthday, Christmas, and then buying some with my own money.

Caroline's Holiday Gown

Caroline's Travel Outfit

Caroline's Work Dress

Julie's Outfit
I have Julie, but not either meet outfit, and I definitely prefer this one!
Julie's Summer Skirt Set

Kaya's Pow-Wow Dress of Today
These colors are sooooo pretty on Kaya and I love the modern flair it has!

Kaya's Deerskin Dress
I really wish Kaya had more outfits in her current collection :/
Kit's Photographer Outfit
I think this would be a perfect Easter or spring outfit too!
Kit's Summer Dress
I've loved this dress since it first came out a few years ago! So pretty!
Samantha's Frilly Frock
I think this outfit looks perfect on Samantha. Love the bows and the boots!
Happy Holiday Dress for Dolls
I wish this wasn't sold out! I live the midnight blue color!
Valentine Gift Set
Cute, simple, and affordable
School Stripes Dress 
Basics Outfit
Cute, simple, and sweet

Bitty Bunny's Sleeper

Bitty Lambie PJ's
Love the lamb slippers!!
Fresh Blooms Set
Love the color combo!

Ribbons & Ruffles Outfit
Duck Bathrobe
I love the hood, and it's a good price

Fair Isle Skirt Set

Fair Isle Play Set
Don't they look so cozy!?

Sunshine Play Outfit
Drummin' Up Fun Outfit
Perfect for warm weather!!

Ballerina Nightgown
Awww! It reminds me of Clara!

Toy Soldier PJ's
He looks like a little nutcracker!!

I think that I would have to say that my favorites of the outfits are Grace's and the Bitty Twins'.

And, finally, onto the accessories;
*Note: I won't be putting any furniture on my wishlist because I really have no interest in any of it, and I can always get books at the library.

Josefina's Goat, Sombrita

Grace's French Bulldog (BonBon)

Well, that's all now! I hope you enjoyed and congrats if you made it through my long list! ;)
All photos were taken directly from HERE

Feel free to comment your opinions and what's on your wishlist!

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